Preaching cross

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a cross, sometimes surmounting a pulpit, erected out of doors to designate a preaching place.

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Its surroundings have changed somewhat in the past 100 years but the Preaching Cross in Llandaff has stood firm.
First you will see the base of a medieval preaching cross, of roughly the same date as the De Cruwes.
It could be a piece taken from a graveyard, a cross known as a preaching cross, or a memorial in a chapel.
Make a detour to the churchyard, just down the main road, to see the preaching cross.
Much of the present church was built in 1250 AD, including most of the walls, the font, the base of the Preaching Cross and the stone altar.
Made from blue lias stone under a slate roof, the turreted, towered and castellated country house is set in just over 30 acres about a mile from the village of Ashleworth, which has a 14th century preaching cross in the green, a 12th century church and a medieval Tithe barn.
ONE of Flintshire's most impressive ancient monuments is Maen Chwyfan,a stone preaching cross nearly four metres high which was erected in the 10th or 11th century in the corner of a field near Whitford (Chwitffordd).
Leaving the Grade II* listed church, we viewed what at first seemed to be the sandstone base of a preaching cross of circular design from the 1200s, but later we decided it was more likely to be the base of a font, or something else ornate.
One would think that perhaps it was a preaching cross but in fact the plinth from medieval times was a meeting place for workers seeking employment.
The churchyard has burials from the 1700s through to recent times, dominated by the large plinth of a preaching cross on a five-stepped base, a sign that this church was a major religious site in the region.