n.1.Previous adjustment.
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The automatic seat preadjustment is a good example of intelligent interfaces between humans and machines," said Eppinger.
Apparently, the motion sought $400 million damage award for design infringement by Samsung; $135 million for wilful infringement of utility patents and $121 million in supplemental damages and $50 million preadjustment interest on damages through Dec.
Preadjustment, breastfed infants scored significantly higher on the psychomotor score at seven months of age, compared with formula-fed infants.
3) To undo the unintended alteration of the distribution of SES values, we applied a rank-and-replace adjustment of SES variables similar to that described above to adjust the propensity-score-weighted SES distributions in each group to match the corresponding preadjustment SES distributions.
This is likely to be a lower bound on the actual wage gain of the original, preadjustment workforce if stayers are a select draw from that workforce.
Under the agreement, mortgage lenders and servicers will begin to proactively identify homeowners likely to default on their subprime adjustable-rate loans and, significantly, will freeze interest rates at the preadjustment level for five years for families meeting certain eligibility requirements.
Their respective preadjustment median ratios are 0.
If the former wife is married to a new spouse at the end of the preadjustment year, the adjusted gross income must include the combined income of both the spouse and the new husband.
56(g)-1(c), adjusted current earnings (ACE) include all income items that are not taken into acount in computing preadjustment alternative minimum taxable income (AMTI), but are taken into account in determining earnings and profits (E&P).
To compute ACE, the corporation modifies preadjustment AMTI for a number of different items including accelerated depreciation, certain earnings and profits (E&P) items, and several miscellaneous adjustments.
In addition, all taxpayers may elect to use either regular tax inventory values for preadjustment alternative minimum taxable income (AMTI) and ACE purposes or preadjustment AMTI inventory values for ACE.
56(g)-1(c)(1) provides the general rule that ACE includes all items of income permanently excluded from preadjustment AMTI but otherwise taken into account in determining E&P.