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a.1.Taking or using precaution; precautionary.
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The most sure and most precautious chap that ever handled niggers.
However, as the Company looks to quickly establish Oveedia as a formidable competitor within LATAM, management will be diligently precautious of the money sources offered tosecure new long term capital financing , as "not all money is good money," said Mr.
Such temperature conditions contribute to heat stress incidence whose effects may be deleterious if precautious measures are not undertaken.
Initially precautious because of communist legacy, Eastern European transition announced a rethinking of the concept of "embedded democracy" or "democracies at risk" from the analysis of political structures and EU integration dream.
The GD/IS implores utmost precautious accuracy in media reporting under well-known circumstances prone to lead to confusion.
Commenting at the signing ceremony; Irshad Hussain, Chief Operating Officer, Pak Oasis, said: "Our company strives to operate in a manner that is friendly to the environment and is precautious of exhausting scarce natural resources such as the earth's fossil fuels.
Printing of ballot papers would be started soon and army had been deployed at printing press as a precautious measure.
With the experience I've had with injuries in the past year, I've come to the conclusion it's better to be precautious.
At our institution, we almost invariably use a coaxial introducer, which allows multiple samples to be obtained from a single precautious puncture while resulting in less trauma to surrounding tissue.
Uncertainty caused by the outcome of Italian parliamentary elections again destabilized already precautious situation in Europe.
He explained that users must practice selfhealing and cyber hygiene by taking the appropriate precautious measures when using the network.
He further indicated that the problem would be addressed through transported potable water supply, and called on the residents to make precautious preparations in case of similar natural handicap in the future.