n.1.A predecessor.
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The Roku Streaming Stick replaces last year's Roku Premiere, and it now comes with a quad-core precessor built-in.
Sakari Oramo continues his exploration of Vaughan Williams with the 'Masque for dancing' Job on December 5 and 6 promising to show off Symphony Hall's newly-installed organ to good effect (the CBSO will already have given this a thorough examination on November 14, with Oramo conducting the Organ Symphony by Saint-Saens, a favourite work of his precessor Louis Fremaux).
ENGLAND coach Clive Woodward has given the Prince of Centres, Jerry Guscott, the throne his precessor Jack Rowell denied him.
Stanbury, The Objectives of Canadian Competition Policy 1888-1983 (Montreal: The Institute for Research on Public Policy, 1984), at xviii, where the authors discuss the consumer oriented concerns of the framers of the provision that was a precessor of what is now [sections] 45 of the competition Act.
As was true of Raffles, we would like to wish Grandcourt away, but he shares with his precessor a tenacity which is both calculating and sadistic.
The explicit pull-down menus help users peruse a book's table of contents, go to a specific page in a book, move from one CD-ROM title to another, hook up to Westlaw, or use the service's built-in word precessor.
Paul Hedman, his precessor will be missed, and we wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors.
In fact, this system was the precessor to online systems.
Precessor Company Pro Forma Horizon Outlet Centers,Inc.
Guests included the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Birmingham, Coun Mike Sharpe and his wife Thelma, and one of his precessors, Sir Bernard Zissman.
These special factors occurred since zinc-coated sheet steel and advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) were introduced in the automotive field, meaning carbody panels to be protected better against rust and being stronger and thinner than their non-coated precessors.
This change, an addition to the sonar's operating with the SDF format, permits the operator to select either variey of software precessors for mosaics and other post-survey analyses.