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The Indonesian word curam (steep, sheer, precipitious, abrupt (of a cliff/abyss, etc.
Hearkening I heard again In my precipitious city beaten bells Winnow the keen sea wind.
Or the fascinating Marine Drive around the headland, where the road chings to the precipitious rock face on a thrill-a-minute four-mile long circumnavigation.
11) See ALLEN, supra note 3, at 7-20 (discussing "wide and precipitious decline of penal rehabilitationism" as a foundational theory for the criminal justice system).
One of the best ways to achieve an overview of the city, the cruise dock and Gastineau Channel is to hop aboard the Mount Roberts Tramway _ only 4 years old _ for the steep climb to a precipitious overlook (cost is about $20 for adults, $11 for children 12 and under).
On the opposite end of the age spectrum, there has been a precipitious decline in the employment of older workers.
They're painted bright yellow, with large windows and, for safety on the precipitious roadways, three separate brake systems.