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n.1.A collection previously made.
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51, 58 (2004) (noting that "[p]ost-assessment, precollection review is generally prohibited by the Anti-Injunction Act"); John K.
The article provides a detailed look at a biosurveillance project: the precollection research to better target collection areas; the multiyear collection effort itself; and the extensive work required to identify the collected specimens and then analyze the results against historical data.
As for formal controls, Monnalisa relies on formal precollection meetings (such as the collection briefing) to monitor product quality, time, and costs.
2004, Sathre and Gustavsson 2011), which would support the assumption that emissions from precollection activities should be taken into account.
234) Therefore, New York has amended its tax law and adopted regulations to enable it to collect these taxes by precollection of the tax and dual allocation mechanisms (the coupon and prior approval systems).
An improved speciation method for mercury by GC/CVAFS after aqueous phase ethylation and room temperature precollection.
All the brands contributed to this remarkable performance, notably Balenciaga driven by its successful Fall-Winter 2007 collection and the good start of its Spring-Summer 2008 precollection, Boucheron driven by its new jewelry collections, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney which posted double-digit growth and Sergio Rossi driven by the commercial success of its handbag lines.
50) After less than six years, the precollection interest on the fine would be larger than the nominal fine itself.
The achieved accuracy and precision may be attributed--at least in part--to precollection planning.
When viewing the data this way, the variability in mortality could be in part due to the health and precollection stress level of a horseshoe crab, which can differ from its counterparts.
Some centers already use LR products as CMV safe, but often only if precollection or laboratory filtration is used, with attendant quality control.
When inbound call volume is low, she will place outbound precollection reminder calls and customer service calls.