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a.1.Consolidated beforehand.
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This material is typically supplied in preconsolidated laminates, 0.
Fiber injection unit and fiber cutting unit for producing Preconsolidated, textile preforms with different fiber / matrix combinations.
It found that injection overmolding of a preconsolidated PEEK laminate with more PEEK resin doesn't work because the energy available from the melt is not sufficient to melt the laminate surface and ensure a good bond.
Flow and shear descriptors of preconsolidated food powders.
After being stored for more than two weeks, a test specimen 20 mm in height and 60 mm in diameter was carefully trimmed from the preconsolidated cake which was fully saturated.
A real key to the process is the use of preconsolidated thermoplastic prepregs.
Additional testing on these (or similar soils) would show that a high number of soils listed in the table are preconsolidated (soil that is well compacted by the weight of glacial ice).
As the printing process is repeated to form subsequent layers, Sachs explained, a green, or preconsolidated, part eventually emerges ready for post-processing.
On the other hand, slurry-deposited mats are already impregnated, but highly porous in the preconsolidated state.
This is preconsolidated to 25% theoretical density and then loaded into a hot press to burn off the binders and melt the glass.