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v. i.1.To prey; to plunder.
n.1.Prey; plunder; booty.
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Principal Inspector Preda, said: "The men clearly weren't expecting to be pulled over on the motorway and were even more shocked when an officer in full Romanian Police uniform appeared on the hard shoulder.
The Columban Missionary moved to the Philippines in 1969 and set up the Preda foundation five years later.
The management board is made up of Gabriel Marin of Omnilogic (president), Mircea Tudor of MB Telecom (member), Sorin Preda (member) and Mihaela Harsan (secretary general).
Thursday's meeting in Ruse also featured Bulgaria's Deputy Regional Development Minister and EU Danube Strategy coordinator Nikolina Nikolova and Romania's Danube Strategy coordinator Lucian Fatu, as well as Romania's State Secretary for Transport Valentin Preda.
The delegation was composed of Barbara Lochbihler (chair of the Delegation, Germany), Richard Howitt (United Kingdom) and Cristian Preda (Romania).
Romanian Tiberiu Preda admitted four charges of fraud by false representation at Kirklees Magistrates' Court yesterday.
The final descent of our three-day tour takes us once again down beautiful slopes, through a bright coniferous forest, to the Albula pass road near Preda.
The following day Iulian Preda, a Romanian government employee whose job is to help the Roma, shows me two sides of rural Roma Transylvanian life, the richest and the poorest.
Summary: Laayoune - Romanian Member of European Parliament (MEP) Cristian Preda, underscored, on Wednesday in Laayoune, the "important place " occupied by the advanced regionalization project in Morocco's political modernization project.
Earlier Tuesday, the head of the European Union's 120-strong observer mission, Cristian Preda, criticized the electoral commission for delaying the release of results, saying the delay was fueling tension among a nervous electorate.
Earlier on Tuesday, Cristian Preda, head of the European Union's observer mission, criticised the country's electoral commission for delaying the release of results, saying the failure to do so was fuelling tensions in the country.
Many polling stations opened so late, even 2 or more hours late because they didn't have the (ballot book) stickers arrive on time," noted European Union observer mission head Cristian Dan Preda, adding he had seen no irregularities so far.