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1. Well grounded; just: a valid objection.
2. Producing the desired results; efficacious: valid methods.
3. Having legal force; effective or binding: a valid title.
4. Logic
a. Containing premises from which the conclusion may logically be derived: a valid argument.
b. Correctly inferred or deduced from a premise: a valid conclusion.
5. Archaic Of sound health; robust.

[French valide, from Old French, from Latin validus, strong, from valēre, to be strong; see wal- in Indo-European roots.]

va·lid′i·ty, val′id·ness n.
val′id·ly adv.
Synonyms: valid, sound2, cogent, convincing
These adjectives describe assertions, arguments, conclusions, reasons, or intellectual processes that are persuasive because they are well founded. What is valid is based on or borne out by truth or fact or has legal force: a valid excuse; a valid claim.
What is sound is free from logical flaws or is based on valid reasoning: a sound theory; sound principles.
Something cogent is both sound and compelling: cogent testimony; a cogent explanation.
Convincing implies the power to dispel doubt or overcome resistance or opposition: convincing proof.


(vəˈlɪd ɪ ti)

1. the state or quality of being valid.
2. legal soundness or force.
[1540–50; < Late Latin]



hold water To be valid, sound, and defensible; to show no inconsistency or deficiency when put to the test. As early as the beginning of the 17th century, this expression was used figuratively of arguments, statements, etc., although both hold and water can be taken literally to describe a vessel or other receptacle’s soundness in retaining a liquid.

Let them produce a more rational account of any other opinion, that will hold water … better than this mine doth. (John French, The York-shire Spaw, 1652)

a leg to stand on Viable proof or justification; something on which to base one’s claims or attitudes. A leg pro vides support and helps to maintain balance. Figuratively this expression is most often heard in the negative not have a leg to stand on, referring to one who fails to support his attitudes or behavior. It is frequently used in legal contexts where an inability to provide proof or justification is pronounced. The still current expression dates from the 16th century.

She hasn’t a leg to stand on in the case. He’s divorcing her, she’s not divorcing him. (M. Spark, Bachelors, 1960)

ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.validity - the quality of being valid and rigorous
believability, credibility, credibleness - the quality of being believable or trustworthy
2.validity - the quality of having legal force or effectiveness
legality - lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a legal statute
effect, force - (of a law) having legal validity; "the law is still in effect"
3.validity - the property of being strong and healthy in constitution
strength - the property of being physically or mentally strong; "fatigue sapped his strength"


1. soundness, force, power, grounds, weight, strength, foundation, substance, point, cogency Some people deny the validity of this claim.
2. legality, authority, legitimacy, right, lawfulness They now want to challenge the validity of the vote.


The quality of being authentic:


[vəˈlɪdɪtɪ] N (all senses) → validez f


[vəˈlɪdəti væˈlɪdəti] n
[contract, document] → validité f
[claim, results, method, argument] → validité f


(Jur etc: of document) → (Rechts)gültigkeit f; (of ticket etc)Gültigkeit f; (of claim)Berechtigung f
(of argument)Stichhaltigkeit f; (of excuse etc)Triftigkeit f; the validity of your objectionIhr berechtigter or begründeter Einwand; we discussed the validity of merging these two cinematic styleswir diskutierten, ob es zulässig ist, diese beiden Filmstile zu mischen


[vəˈlɪdɪtɪ] n (of document) → validità; (of argument) → fondatezza, validità


n. validez.


n validez f
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This integrated approach has been proven in a variety of studies to provide improved predictive validity, compared with traditional modeling approaches.
The predictive validity from animals to humans is quite high for opioids, and therefore we believe that there is a high probability that PPL-103 will be safe, effective and beneficial for humans," said Crossman.
Talent-based assessments, consisting primarily of indepth structured interviews and Web-based assessments, have been designed to predict performance, and large-scale meta-analyses have been conducted examining the predictive validity of the instruments.
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The finding that smokers smoking from a plain pack evidenced more frequent thought about, and priority for quitting, than branded pack smokers is important, since frequency of thoughts about quitting has strong predictive validity in prospective studies for actually making a quit attempt," the study said.
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It's much better to make leadership decisions based on data that are rigorous, objective, and have predictive validity -- in other words, data proven to improve business outcomes.
We compare the WTP elicited using the new approach to two more simplified elicitation devices by determining sensitivity to an arbitrary anchor and by determining predictive validity relative to a holdout choice.

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