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a.1.Of or pertaining to a prefect.
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Members of the Prefectorial Body reminisced on their time as students of DPS-MIS and expressed their gratitude towards the management, the principal and the teachers for their efforts in shaping them, imbibing moral values and providing them with opportunities.
Brown and the Student Prefectorial body of the school received Dr P Mohamed Ali with due honour at the Salalah Dhofar University Auditorium.
We will be felicitating him at a special assembly where he will be awarded the Prefectorial Badge, a memento and the school blazer to inspire other students to do well.
Contract awarded for Serangoon Secondary School is looking for vendors to facilitate Prefectorial Board Leadership Camp for 2016
Clad in cheery sports gear, the Indian tennis star was welcomed by the school's top officials, the junior school prefectorial body, and the school's tennis players, as young as those from Grades 3 and 4 as well.
The school's public school features were restricted to the house and prefectorial systems.
timbre, mayoral and prefectorial signatures were required in order to