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adj. Slang
Carrying a developing child; pregnant.

[Alteration of pregnant, probably on the model of bonkers and crackers.]


(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) chiefly Brit an informal word for pregnant1


(ˈprɛg ərz)

Chiefly Brit. Informal. pregnant 1 (def. 1).
en cloque


[ˈpregəz] ADJ to be preggersestar con bombo


adj pred (esp Brit inf) → schwanger
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Now some sources are suggesting that Amal has had difficulty getting preggers due to some weight issues.
However, when Michael finds the positive pregnancy test and assumes Eileen is preggers, Andrea if forced to set him straight.
Meanwhile, the 30-year-old insists she hasn't got any baby plans - despite BFF Kimberley Walsh being preggers.
That's why she's furious when fiance Declan tells her brat of a son Noah (above) she's preggers.
How can she be doing that if she'd been preggers," Vidya's manager (http://daily.
The latest version of Android has a special directory of words, like intercourse, coitus, screwing, lovemaking, butt, geek, and medical terms like gonadatrophia, irrumination, thud, LSAT, pizzle, as well as related to reproductive health and undergarments like Tampax, lactation, preggers, panty, braless, uterus, STI, condom which do not appear in the autocomplete feature of the OS, Wired reports.
North Avenue) with local partners and retailers Twinkle Twinkle Little One, Preggers Maternity, Molly Ades Maternity, Sprout San Francisco, Psychobaby, Gift it Green, Stork Stack, Galt Baby and Sodastream.
Bringing people together is more of a priority to them than any support for hereditary privilege I told myself - as I took photos of my preggers pal sat at a plastic table, waving her mini flag.
Everyone was led to believe that the 17-year-old became preggers at homecoming (where else) until she brilliantly revealed the big con/school project during assembly where she dramatically pulled the fake baby bump she had been wearing for over six months from under her shirt.
was Coco Preggers, a range of chocolate truffles with added folic acid and DHA omega 3 fatty acids, aimed specifically at pregnant women, from Xan Confections.
Rod Stewart and his noticeably preggers fiancee Penny Lancaster dining at Il Piccolino on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood.
Comedy about a Christian girl (Jena Malone) becoming preggers by her gay boyfriend and being befriended by school outcasts Macaulay Culkin and Eva Amurri.