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adj. Slang
Carrying a developing child; pregnant.

[Alteration of pregnant, probably on the model of bonkers and crackers.]


(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) chiefly Brit an informal word for pregnant1


(ˈprɛg ərz)

Chiefly Brit. Informal. pregnant 1 (def. 1).
en cloque


[ˈpregəz] ADJ to be preggersestar con bombo


adj pred (esp Brit inf) → schwanger
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DRAMA There is nothing that good old Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) can't cope with, from a childless woman whose husband's second wife is preggers, to Sister Monica Joan's eyesight, to a pregnant lady who is struggling with pica - an urge to eat coal.
She aint preggers, shes preggers with a lot of food," xurbanpurplex commented.
USA], Nov 21 (ANI): What may come as a sigh of relief for the preggers or the new moms is that they don't need to say no to eggs anymore, thinking about the allergy threats to their little ones.
IT was an evening of endings and beginnings - a last chance (this year at least) to see Preggers, the intensely personal play by Amy Golding, and an opportunity to find out about Liberdade.
The heavily preggers actress knows a thing or two about fashion, having been named the "Lebanese Kate Moss"back in her modelling days, before taking up acting and more recently fashion design.
The amorous male, Yang Guang, hadn't even been down the petrol station for a bunch of carnations or splashed out on a romantic dinner at the Toby Carvery before the word went out that his mate, Tian Tian, could be preggers.
However, when Michael finds the positive pregnancy test and assumes Eileen is preggers, Andrea if forced to set him straight.
Mister Grey--the chairman and CEO of Paramount and Brad Pitt's partner at Plan B--and his currently preggers second missus, pixie-haired beauty and style-maven Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, acquired the nearly 3,000-square-foot sprawler in late 2011 for $15.
The element -ers in bonkers and crackers resembles British colloquialisms like preggers for "pregnant" and starkers for "naked.
That's why she's furious when fiance Declan tells her brat of a son Noah (above) she's preggers.
Bringing people together is more of a priority to them than any support for hereditary privilege I told myself - as I took photos of my preggers pal sat at a plastic table, waving her mini flag.
Rod Stewart and his noticeably preggers fiancee Penny Lancaster dining at Il Piccolino on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood.