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n. Mathematics
The set of arguments of a function corresponding to a particular subset of the range.
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Now we shall define the image and preimage of neutrosophic sets.
We then calculate explicitly the images under the ENOM functor using Bigalois objects and finally we describe again the preimage of [epsilon]V now in BrPic(H-mod).
v is the only preimage of w by S in u, then the occurrences of v in u are bounded by K as well.
1](N) is generated by components of the preimage [h.
Strengths: (a) various instances of output generated by this block cipher are: 88, 128, 160, 224 and 256 bits and (b) secure against collision, preimage and second preimage.
Moving the point X along the line g (the point Y' along the line g') the students observe finding the image X' (the preimage Y) for an arbitrary point.
A cryptographic hash function must satisfy additional properties in order to be able to withstand all known types of cryptanalytic attack: 1) Preimage resistance: given a hash value it should be computationally difficult to find any message that has a given hash value.
Then f is said to be fuzzy continuous iff the preimage of each IFS in [phi] is an IFS in [tau].
A function between topological spaces is semi-strongly continuous provided the preimage of each semi-open set is open.
So, the preimage of the basis, the columns of U, are assumed to be known.
Security criteria for hash functions include collision resistance and preimage resistance and so on.
1] does not denote the inverse function of g, which does not exist, but instead refers to the preimage under g.