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n. Mathematics
The set of arguments of a function corresponding to a particular subset of the range.
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The preimage of a given function r' is obvious: it is the set of functions r such that
Then f is said to be fuzzy continuous iff the preimage of each IFS in [phi] is an IFS in [tau].
A function between topological spaces is semi-strongly continuous provided the preimage of each semi-open set is open.
So, the preimage of the basis, the columns of U, are assumed to be known.
Security criteria for hash functions include collision resistance and preimage resistance and so on.
lambda]](m - j), the size of the preimage [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
B](y)) : y [member of] Y} is an intuitionistic fuzzy set in Y, then the preimage of B under f, denoted by [f.
Now we shall define the image and preimage of intuitionistic fuzzy sets.
a spherical cap around pointed on the unit sphere which is the preimage of the ball [[B.
The preimage of a toric arrangement A under the covering map p: [C.
14), we begin by finding the set of all potential preimage blocks and their respective transition probabilities.