n.1.Prior knowledge.
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How can they learn preknowledge of kids does to write this effectively?
He used various terms, which I highlighted above, to express Jesus' knowledge of the Father: "intuition," "implicit preknowledge," "inalienable knowledge," possessing his entire mission in his "mind's eye" and searching for ways of implementing his task.
There is absolutely no evidence the Taliban had preknowledge or were complicit in the Sept.
Adam failed, and God changed his covenant with him, in accordance with his eternal preknowledge and predetermined redemptive plan of incarnation and cross.
Preknowledge was judged by answers to fact-based questions and topic beliefs were assessed.
It is possible that the achievement in the preKnowledge Instrument was saturated, so that the pre-to-post gains did not show a significant amount of change.
Psi phenomena do not represent disguised knowledge but the functioning of preknowledge, preperceptual apprehensive mental processes at a point beyond the physical impingement of a stimulus upon the organism.
For further work, it is planned that the preknowledge of the students will be taken into account.
When only taking into account the non-existent words, this results in a (fairly reliable) test where preknowledge is absolutely excluded.
One of the disadvantages of chemical screening is that it requires the preknowledge of responsible allelopathic agents associated with the suspected donor species so that the chemical screening of particular compound(s) can be undertaken (Fay & Duke, 1977; Wu et al.