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The doctrine that Jesus's Second Coming will immediately precede the millennium.

pre′mil·len′ni·al·ist n.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) the doctrine or belief that the millennium will be preceded by the Second Coming of Christ
ˌpremilˈlennialist n


(ˌpri mɪˈlɛn i əˌlɪz əm)

the doctrine or belief that the Second Coming of Christ will precede the millennium.
pre`mil•len′ni•al•ist, n.


the belief that the second coming of Christ will usher in the millennium. — premillennialist, n.premillennian, adj.
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I do not see how the problem for premillennialists can be resolved by saying that the recent return of Jews to the land was predicted in Scripture and is part of God's plan for them--and that they are not in any way to blame for the way the Palestinians responded to their return.
The premillennialists who gravitated toward fundamentalism, and the social gospelers who gravitated toward modernism, each had a sense of what the author calls "apostolic succession.
evangelicals are more likely to be biblical literalists and premillennialists.
Here was a daunting challenge that brought together postmillennialists, amillennialists, premillennialists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists, and others, a cause that William R.
Standing at the crossroads of major changes in American Protestantism of his day--most important, a growing division between liberals and conservatives, as well as between premillennialists, postmillennialists, and a-millennialists, Gordon was involved in the major struggles within his Baptist denomination and American Protestantism at large, actively attempting to influence the course of events.
Convinced that the second coming was imminent and would precede the millennium, premillennialists looked to the coincidence of world events for guidance in their dire interpretati ons of prophecy.
Both of the two main wings of fundamentalism--dispensational premillennialists and conservative Calvinists--took part in this controversy because both of them regarded the proposed League as an important, inherently religious issue.
Even in the years surrounding the Great War, with premillennialists shouting, "See
Apocalypticism, encouraged by the war's length, widening scope, and destructiveness, appeared in wartime novels and movies, animated radical political movements, and fueled end-time speculation made even more plausible among fervent premillennialists by the British army's victory in Palestine--at biblical Armageddon, no less--and by the Balfour Declaration's promise of a homeland for the Jews.
Many premillennialists also believe that when Jesus returns to judge the wicked, the faithful will be caught up in a rapture and therefore will avoid the terror and suffering.
This was a phrase filled with what William Hutchison calls ambiguities, which allowed both premillennialists and postmillennialists to own it as their own.
52) For premillennialists such as LeTourneau, the stakes for humanity were even higher.