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tr.v. pre·paid, pre·pay·ing, pre·pays
To pay or pay for beforehand.

pre·pay′ment n.
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Noun1.prepayment - payment in advance
defrayal, defrayment, payment - the act of paying money
دَفْع الأجْرَة مقدَّما
platba předem
elõre fizetés
platba vopred
önceden/peşin ödeme


[ˈpriːˈpeɪmənt] Npago m por adelantado, pago m anticipado



(priːˈpei) past tense, past participle ˌpreˈpaid verb
to pay in advance.
ˌpreˈpayment noun
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Long-term prepayments from trading houses and other large buyers are likely to become an increasingly common form of funding for oil and gas companies, Fitch Ratings says.
The stable outlook reflects RAM's belief that the pattern of defaults and losses as well as prepayments on the government staff Islamic home-financing facilities (GSIHFs) will continue to fall within our expectations.
3-Month CPR" is defined as the three-month constant prepayment rate (CPR), an annualized estimate of mortgage loan prepayments, computed by multiplying the average monthly prepayment rate for the most recent preceding three months by four.
As the interest rate on Federal tax underpayments increases (8% for the calendar quarter beginning July 1,2006), taxpayers facing a tax liability dispute with the IRS are even more likely to consider making voluntary prepayments to obviate the effects of any interest and penalties.
In PLR-200602002 (PLR-110328-05), the IRS informed a taxpayer that prepayments of multiple years of tuition for the taxpayer's grandchildren would not be considered a taxable gift.
While the REITs that invest primarily in commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and direct commercial mortgages are less impacted by prepayments due to higher prepayment penalties on commercial mortgages, the investing public has tended to group all mortgage REITs together, according to Dubrowski.
The trust instrument also provided that if "as a matter of law" the trustees could prepay amounts due to the charities without endangering the $15 million gift-tax charitable deduction, they could make prepayments.
The EITF wanted to eliminate existing inconsistencies in practice and in the accounting literature on the subsequent measurement of certain investments, such as mortage loans, whose cash flows vary because of prepayments.
The bill also would add a new section to the Truth in Lending Act to require "prompt" refund of unearned finance charges and insurance premiums when any consumer credit transaction is prepaid; prohibit the use of the "Rule of 78s" method for calculating the amount of finance charges to be rebated in prepayments of precomputed loans, and instead require the use of the actuarial method or another method that is as favorable to the consumer; and require that a disclosure of the amount due on any precomputed loan be provided on the consumer's request.
1984: Figuring the Odds: a Model of Prepayments, Secondary Mortgage Markets (2): 18-23.
As an investment, CMO residuals primarily are subject to fluctuation in key interest rates, accelerated prepayments of principal on the underlying mortgage collateral, and defaults on the mortgages that underlie the mortgage certificates.