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AMAJOR exhibition of PreRaphaelite art - including paintings never before on display - the wartime Home Front, and Liverpool's role on the big screen are among the attractions at National Museums Liverpool in 2016.
Born in London in 1827, Burges came from a wealthy family that could afford to fund his imaginative architecture and his pseudo medieval Gothic and PRERAPHAELITE styles of design.
From Les fleurs da mal, Debussy selected five poems, and worked on their settings for some two years, from 1887 to 1889, at the same time that he was working on his mystical and even pagan oratorio La damoiselle elue, on a text by the PreRaphaelite poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
For detail regarding the publishing history of her poetry, see Beverly Taylor, "Beatrix Creatrix: Elizabeth Siddal as Muse and Creator," Journal of PreRaphaelite Studies 4 (1995): 41 n 14
The search for the token bicycle occurs in one of several simulated landscapes, especially those described in chapters three and six (40-3, 80-3, 88-9) where "Mother" Nature's blandishments, despite the narrator's initial passing sense of being "on the right track" (42), prove as disturbing as a preRaphaelite elaboration, a gesture of disclosure as the sign of something not disclosed.
Hopkins' Journal entries of 1866 and 1867 offer numerous instances of his attempt to transpose Ruskin's microscopic, preRaphaelite aesthetics of painting into the medium of poetry.
He won his round of Mastermind with his knowledge of the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood of painters and was all set to return for more questions on a rather less academic subject.
The BBC's tongue-in-cheek retelling of the story of the PreRaphaelite brotherhood is pulling in viewers by the million, and the show is expected to sell to channels around the world.
On the preRaphaelite romp every shot is a lovingly composed work of art but it turns out viewers prefer jerky night-time footage of blurred-out faces, where half the time you have to read captions to make out what's being said.
26Which new BBC2 drama is centred on the lives of the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood?
One of their biggest fans is Andrew Lloyd Webber, who's collection of PreRaphaelite art was shown at the Royal Academy in 2003 (the very place where they were first rejected).