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1. present.
2. presidency.
3. president.


ABBR =PresidentPresidente/a m/f


abbr of presidentPräs.
References in classic literature ?
je les ai fait prisonnieres pres de l'autre fort, et je les conduis au general.
Germain des Pres, in 1641, I have kept the accounts of the society.
I don't know what, considering my pres ence in the place, they all hoped would come of it.
The Chi nese theatres across the water made, in the sparsely twinkling masses of gloom an Eastern town pre sents at night, blazing centres of light, and of a distant and howling uproar.
With a national network of energy and building management systems experts in place, InsideIQ is the perfect partner for PRES Energy as they implement EMS solutions for customers across the U.
Treasurer: Goran Lindgren, Pres Sls Region Americas, Volvo Construction Equipment;
Because technology is changing so fast and the information is out there, we have to make sure that just because we can do something, doesn't mean we do do something," Pres.
Selon la meme source, les ports de Tanger, Al Hoceima et Nador ont totalise des arrivees de MRE de pres de 250.
Ces tirs interviennent quelques heures apres que l'armee du regime de Bachar al-Assad et son puissant allie, le Hezbollah libanais, ont repris aux rebelles la ville cle de Qousseir, situee pres de la frontiere avec le Liban.
Our study was the first reporting abnormal values of serum LDH of the third and the second day before the onset of PRES in a cohort of obstetric patients with no history of pregnancy-related disease.
There are few recurrent cases of PRES published in the literature and only one case was reported with coexisting end-stage renal disease (17).
Yr wythnos hon bydd Morgan yn rhannu ei wybodaeth --'i gyd-gyflwynydd Mari Grug wrth i'r ddau ymweld -- digwyddiad o bwys ym myd y bandiau pres.