Prester John

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Pres·ter John

A legendary figure in Europe during the Middle Ages, who was thought to rule over a large Christian kingdom in Ethiopia or Central Asia.

[Middle English prestre, priest, from Old French, from Late Latin presbyter; see presbyter.]

Prester John

(European Myth & Legend) a legendary Christian priest and king, believed in the Middle Ages to have ruled in the Far East, but identified in the 14th century with the king of Ethiopia
[C14 Prestre Johan, from Medieval Latin presbyter Iohannes Priest John]
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He delivered greetings from his master, the grand ruler of India, the Presbyter John, and he presented to the emperor three gigantic and marvelously colorful gemstones along with his master's question.
After a few days, the emperor said to the envoys upon their parting, "Tell your ruler the grand Presbyter John that the finest thing in the world is good proportion.
Presbyter John gave them strict instructions: "Bring these three gemstones to Frederick and ask him what is the finest thing in the world.