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a.1.Of or pertaining to a presbyter or presbytery; presbyterial.
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In turn, the vocation of the ordained (with diaconal, presbyteral and episcopal ordinations each having specific but nonexclusive respective orientations to the prophetic, priestly and kingly offices) is to be variously sacramental of the ministry of Christ in the church, to perform and witness to in authenticated, public ways the ministry of Christ that is already authentic to the church and so to show back to the church--and thereby the world--what the church most deeply is called to be.
It is supposed to be necessary to 'collegialize' the government: that of the pope or that of the bishops with a presbyteral college, that of the parish priest with a pastoral college of lay persons, all of it flanked by commissions, councils, assemblies etc.
For some, the call for dialogue might have come too late, with one priest in his letter detailing the April 27 presbyteral council meeting that "nearly ended in fisticuffs between the clergy and the bishop.
In the post-Vatican II Church, ecclesial laments have been particularly acute surrounding the implementation of practices of synodality, that is, the dialogical practices of communal discernment and decision-making, especially but not exclusively as exercised in parish and diocesan pastoral councils, presbyteral councils, episcopal conferences, diocesan synods, and synods of bishops.
Each states a bishop must hear from a presbyteral council before suppressing a parish or closing a church.
Presbyteral councils; in union with the bishops, must exercise deliberative as well as consultative authority, but always in collaboration with other conciliar or synodal expressions of the local church, including in particular the diocesan pastoral council.
Brian Daley's essay on the priesthood is very helpful for its historical overview and its argument for the close alignment of Jesuit ideals with John Paul II's presbyteral theology.
In 2007, 46 priests (representing 60 percent of the active, incardinated clergy) issued a statement saying, "Our repeated attempts to work cooperatively with Bishop Braxton through the Presbyteral Council, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Diocesan Finance Council, Priests Personnel Board and Annual Priests Convocation have proved futile.
In chapters 3 and 4 he offers two case studies: how the CA introduces the OT into the prescriptions that shape presbyteral ministry and the reconciliation of sinners.
Changes will unfold over a number of years, it said, and "decisions regarding buildings and other property of the merging parishes will be made by local leaders in consultation with the archbishop and presbyteral council.
After his presbyteral ordination and doctoral studies in theology, Kilmartin was called to Weston College to fill in for a fellow Jesuit and professor of sacramental theology who had suffered a sudden heart attack.
All that is required is that he consulted with the presbyteral council before he acts," said Fr.