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 (prĕs′kət, -kŏt′)
A city of central Arizona north-northwest of Phoenix. Settled by gold prospectors in 1864, it was territorial capital from 1864 to 1867 and from 1877 to 1889.


1. (Biography) John Leslie. Baron. born 1938, British politician: deputy leader of the Labour Party (1994–2007); deputy prime minister (1997–2007)
2. (Biography) William Hickling (ˈhɪklɪŋ). 1796–1859, US historian, noted for his work on the history of Spain and her colonies


(ˈprɛs kət, -kɒt)

William Hickling, 1796–1859, U.S. historian.
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Noun1.Prescott - a town in central ArizonaPrescott - a town in central Arizona    
Arizona, Grand Canyon State, AZ - a state in southwestern United States; site of the Grand Canyon
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Mr Prescott was intimating that he had been down to the post-office for his own letters and, as was his neighbourly custom on these occasions, had brought back also letters for Flack's.
Nutty foregathered with Mr Prescott and took the letters from him.
She could not recollect what it was that she had heard about one of the Miss Maddoxes, or what it was that Lady Prescott had noticed in Fanny: she was not sure whether Colonel Harrison had been talking of Mr.
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Jeff Prescott had no desire to be a reality TV personality, the reason he credits for his breakup from "Kate Plus 8" star Kate Gosselin.
JOHN Prescott will join the JOHN Prescott will join the referendum campaign next referendum campaign next week as Labour call in the week as Labour call in the big guns to convince their big guns to convince their supporters to vote No.
In a keenly contested competition, sponsored by Bahwan Lamnalco, Alex and Hamed carded 46 points but had to rely to on countback to take the title pushing club's captain Ray Prescott and ladies counterpart Shirley Prescott, who also posted same score, to the second place.
JOHN PRESCOTT was involved in a vicious brawl with an egg-throwing protester on the way into an election rally in Rhyl last night.
FORMER St Helens and England fullback Steve Prescott MBE has been admitted to hospital after taking part in a gruelling fund-raising challenge.
PAUL SCULTHORPE was twice rugby league's Man of Steel - but says no one deserves that title more than Steve Prescott.