President Abraham Lincoln

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Noun1.President Abraham Lincoln - 16th President of the United StatesPresident Abraham Lincoln - 16th President of the United States; saved the Union during the American Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865)
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US President Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809.
html) he New York Times , animatronic Trump was given a place at the center of the stage - next to former president Abraham Lincoln - with his signature hair, his suit jacket unbuttoned and a tie loose at the knot.
On 8th of December 1863, President Abraham Lincoln offered a conciliatory plan under his Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction.
President Abraham Lincoln when he visited the grave of his 11-year-old son in 1862.
Abraham Lincoln as a Man of Ideas is an anthology of ten scholarly essays about President Abraham Lincoln, exploring the foundations of Lincoln's beliefs as well as how Lincoln's convictions affected his decisions throughout the American Civil War.
Who assassinated US President Abraham Lincoln in 1865?
President Abraham Lincoln used to deliver the Gettysburg Address.
Signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, states received land from the federal government to sell--using the proceeds to build \public institutions of higher education to focus on the teaching of practical agriculture, science, military science and engineering.
An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Bob and Old Abe is a children's picturebook about President Abraham Lincoln, who presided during the Civil War and oversaw the end of legal slavery in America.
Abraham Lincoln | 1865: US president Abraham Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theatre by John Wilkes Booth, dying the next day.
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the death of President Abraham Lincoln, the American Antiquarian Society is offering two lectures.
Before television and internet the world was a different place, but in 1865 some seven million people came together to witness the funeral procession of President Abraham Lincoln from Washington D.