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Noun1.President Clinton - 42nd President of the United States (1946-)President Clinton - 42nd President of the United States (1946-)
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In 1994, President Clinton announced a great diplomatic breakthrough, his so-called Agreed Framework, with Communist North Korea.
Laura D'Andrea Tyson, who now runs the London Business School and served as head of the National Economic Council raider President Clinton, is touting Kerry these days, and would make an attractive addition to his cabinet.
Sidney Blumenthal, who served as assistant and senior adviser to President Clinton in his secured term, was a participant in the Kosovo War events in the White House and a liaison to several European leaders, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The judgment that sufficient evidence existed to prosecute President Clinton was confirmed by President Clinton's admissions.
Indeed, President Clinton came to Southern California that day to kick off a program that, among other things, promotes the type of energy-efficient housing found at Village Green.
She was nominated by President Clinton for a second term and confirmed by the Senate in 1999.
Some good things happened legislatively this year, but Congress and president Clinton threatened to Spoil the Party
has begun testing interceptors, and if President Clinton gives the go-ahead this fall, the first 25 of them, stationed in Alaska, could come on-line in five years.
In an executive order designed to "launch one of the largest land preservation efforts in America's history," President Clinton announced plans to permanently protect at least 40 million acres of federal forestland from road construction, logging, and other development.
This is an idea that has bipartisan support, and was part of the Republican 1995 budget that was vetoed by President Clinton.
While President Clinton reversed his predecessors' neglect of AIDS care and research, he will share President Reagan's legacy of failure in HIV prevention," said Daniel Zingale, executive director of AIDS Action, a Washington, D.
President Clinton said that Saddam Hussein poses a "clear and present danger" to the peace of the world.