President George W. Bush

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Noun1.President George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United StatesPresident George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United States; son of George Herbert Walker Bush (born in 1946)
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I'm retired from politics - happily so, I might add - but not from public service," former President George W.
After viewing the early releases of the movie, many viewers came away from the screening rooms comparing Darth Vader's empire to the actions of President George W.
As in the presidential election of 2000, the race this year between President George W.
The modern Democratic Party cannot survive the reelection of President George W.
4) The president (Quaid) and his chief of staff (Willem Dafoe) look more than a littlle like President George W.
The major media widely reported the January 5 meeting President George W.
voters will choose between the two major party candidates--Republican President George W.
This summer, after it became clear that President George W.
Greater public emphasis than ever was unleashed on this pivotal issue after President George W.