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Noun1.President Grant - 18th President of the United StatesPresident Grant - 18th President of the United States; commander of the Union armies in the American Civil War (1822-1885)
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President Grant Brookes acknowledged the board's decision to increase fees by one per cent meant an anticipated budget deficit in the 2018/19 year but said the size of the deficit could be reduced by prioritising business cases, expanding direct services to members and staggering implementation of others.
Of the announcement, Rust Automation & Controls President Grant Rust said, "I am very pleased to be adding the Phoenix Contact line of products to our portfolio.
Meanwhile, even though President Grant is the most powerful woman in the United States today, Olivia tried to convince her that she's better than her.
Thread President Grant Erickson said, The Qorvo multi-channel IoT transceiver addresses the burgeoning demand for Thread-enabled products, and were excited to see our members begin to capitalize on this opportunity.
The deal team was led by senior managing director Greg Presson, Director Chris Ankley, vice president Grant Hustedt, associate Noah Franz, and analyst Patrick Haddan.
Optimized axle placement and exceptional weight distribution make it an excellent match for our BridgeKing model, which helps customers comply with restricted-weight roadways and bridges," adds Vice President Grant McNeilus, noting the Model 567 SFFA's lightweight design, durability, and maneuverability features.
Though renowned for his "merciless" political caricatures against corruption, he could not fault his friend and Republican hero, President Grant, for scandals such as the Credit Mobilier, and did not publish any caricatures of President Rutherford B.
She has had an on-again, off-again affair with the dashing President Grant (Tony Goldwyn), whose wife, the first lady (Bellamy Young), puts up with it with varying degrees of tolerance and bitterness while, recently, having her own fling with her husband's choice for his new vice president.
The revised Tenure of Office Act gave President Grant more control over cabinet officials, but it continued to block his power to fire U.
A healthy hybrid of sports drink and popsicle, "PowerICE is the only healthy frozen electrolyte product there is," says PowerICE President Grant Fenton.
As president Grant preserved Lincoln's victory by leaving the army in the former Confederacy and proving himself a friend of its freedmen.
Indeed, what is distinctive about this distinguished biographer's new work is its rehabilitation of President Grant, who was not only a great general who wrote memoirs worthy of comparison to Julius Caesar's, but a great moral leader who pursued Lincoln's agenda of re-unifying the nation and integrating its former slaves into one indivisible nation.