President Harding

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Noun1.President Harding - 29th President of the United StatesPresident Harding - 29th President of the United States; two of his appointees were involved in the Teapot Dome scandal (1865-1823)
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When President Harding died in 1923, Calvin Coolidge of Northampton became president and served for six years.
Writing in The Growth of America, 1878-1928, historian Clarence Carson wrote, "After all this furor, the worst that could be said about President Harding was that he used bad judgment in one or two (among numerous) appointments and in selecting one or more of his friends.
PRESIDENT HARDING AND CHANGE OF PUBLIC MIND Considerable surprise was caused at a meeting at the Republican Women's Club yesterday afternoon when Mrs.
The prosecuting attorney called him "the palpitating pulse of the sedition crusade" The jury agreed, and Debs received a ten-year sentence, served until it was commuted in 1921 by President Harding.
He came home on one occasion to Plymouth on the American ship, President Harding.
He was nominated to be Chief Justice by President Harding and swore in Presidents Coolidge and Hoover.
Going further, in 1930 Means published a book in which he claimed that President Harding had been poisoned by his wife in order that he should not be impeached for corruption.
Fifty veterans in wheelchairs sat close to the speakers' rostrum on March 4, 1921, as President Harding spoke to the crowd gathered before the east front of the Capitol.
The Central Park trees were planted in the spring of 1921 by President Harding.
3) Jewish refugee children, en route to Philadelphia aboard the liner President Harding in 1939, wave at the Statue of Liberty as they pass New York.
President Harding went on to pardon people such as Eugene Debs, a presidential candidate who was jailed.