President Kennedy

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Noun1.President Kennedy - 35th President of the United StatesPresident Kennedy - 35th President of the United States; established the Peace Corps; assassinated in Dallas (1917-1963)
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STUDENTS at President Kennedy School enjoyed staging their own production of a science fiction musical.
Contract notice: Improved accessibility for people with reduced mobility (prm) of president kennedy avenue stations and invalides.
ONE OF my great personal regrets is not having better preserved the autograph I received from President Kennedy when I had the overwhelming good fortune to meet him as a nameless teenager from a dusty village in Korea.
In March 1963, President Kennedy welcomed King Mohammed VI's father, King Hassan II, to Washington with eloquent words that still resonate today: "Though a wide ocean separates our two countries, they have been bound together throughout our history.
It was the fervent wish of President Kennedy to be the first incumbent US president to make a state visit to Japan but fate decreed otherwise.
My conclusion is that Robert Kennedy did take his brother's brain - not to conceal evidence of a conspiracy, but perhaps to conceal evidence of the true extent of President Kennedy's illnesses, or perhaps to conceal evidence of the number of medications that President Kennedy was taking," he adds.
His visit had an extraordinary impact on Ireland and many people here felt a strong affinity with and warmth for President Kennedy.
President Kennedy made a sentimental journey by helicopter to visit distant relatives and the old "Kennedy Homestead" at New Ross, County Wexford, in the south-east corner of Ireland, almost opposite Pembrokeshire.
Badu had shed her clothing on March 13 while recording a music video for her song 'Window Seat' at the Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy had been shot, and it ended with her being fatally shot in the head.
Later, he served as a Special Counsel to President Kennedy and his successor, Lyndon B.
PRESIDENT Kennedy once had an affair with one of Hitler's ex-lovers, it has been claimed.

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