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Noun1.President McKinley - 25th President of the United StatesPresident McKinley - 25th President of the United States; was assassinated by an anarchist (1843-1901)
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The Spanish American War began when President McKinley claimed that the battleship Maine had been blown up by Spanish saboteurs; subsequent investigations showed that the explosion originated inside the ship, probably due to an accidental fire in the munitions compartment.
Consul General in Cuba and former Confederate General, requested that President McKinley dispatch a battleship to Havana Bay in support of a possible evacuation.
debut in June 2015 singing the Vaudevillian in the world premiere of Persis Anne Vehar's Shot, about the 1901 assassination of President McKinley in Buffalo.
President McKinley protested publicly that he wasn't anxious for conquest, but a handwritten note by him discovered years later shows that his private thoughts were otherwise.
Here a competition involves the Professor in electrical inventing when President McKinley is assassinated and a peddler and child turns up missing.
The author attempts to bridge discrepancies in the various American, Spanish, and Cuban versions of what is known in the US as the Spanish American War, and seeks to understand how the actions of American administrations, starting with President McKinley, affected Cuba's independence.
1901: Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th American President, after the death of President McKinley.
Moreover, president McKinley personally read and approved, and often extensively amended, all important diplomatic correspondence emanating from the State Department to foreign nations and bearing the signature of his secretaries of state.
Brewer begins her account in 1898 with President McKinley, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt, and others selling a nakedly imperialistic power grab in the Philippine Islands as a "divine mission" to extend the benefits of civilization to our "little brown brothers.
1901: US President McKinley died eight days after being shot by an anarchist.
INDIANS: An elaborately-decorated deerskin jacket and leggings owned by Sioux Chief Red Cloud, presented to the chief in 1897 following a meeting with President McKinley (part of proceeds to benefit the Cheyenne Children's Services); a traditional Algonquin pipe; a large selection of photographs of Sitting Bull and many other veterans of the destruction of George A.

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