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Noun1.President McKinley - 25th President of the United StatesPresident McKinley - 25th President of the United States; was assassinated by an anarchist (1843-1901)
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1899 - President McKinley signs bill creating Mount Rainier National Park (5th in U.
Merry's President McKinley is a necessary contribution to a necessary campaign on the battlefield of history.
While President McKinley believed that Roosevelt was 'the ideal man to be the first pioneer governor,' others in his party who did not see eye-to-eye with Roosevelt moved to have him 'promoted' to the vice presidency.
Although President McKinley received advice from many civilian officials and private citizens, the justification he gave for annexing the entire island chain closely mirrors the analysis he received from General Greene.
When Roosevelt made one of the seconding speeches for the renomination of President McKinley, the convention went wild and nominated him as McKinley's running mate by acclamation.
District Judge was an Arkansan named Jacob Trieber, who was appointed by President McKinley in 1900 and served until his death in 1927.
As in the first edition, Heale begins with the assassination of President McKinley by a home-grown anarchist in September 1901, but in the second edition he has extended his cut-off date from September 2001 to show that despite the rhetoric, the attacks and the decade of destructive warfare that followed were more an extension of the old order than the beginning of a new one.
Wadland does an effective job of dramatising the main events in the history of the colony: the initial settling of the peninsula, the near-destruction of the colony by an angry mob after the assassination of President McKinley, and the retrospectively quaint controversy over nude bathing that divided the colony internally and contributed significantly to its demise.
The Spanish American War began when President McKinley claimed that the battleship Maine had been blown up by Spanish saboteurs; subsequent investigations showed that the explosion originated inside the ship, probably due to an accidental fire in the munitions compartment.
Consul General in Cuba and former Confederate General, requested that President McKinley dispatch a battleship to Havana Bay in support of a possible evacuation.
debut in June 2015 singing the Vaudevillian in the world premiere of Persis Anne Vehar's Shot, about the 1901 assassination of President McKinley in Buffalo.

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