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Noun1.Francois Mitterrand - French statesman and president of France from 1981 to 1985 (1916-1996)
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Pointing out that President Hollande's visit is the first such visit from France to Turkey since the one made by President Mitterand in 1992, President GE-l predicted that this visit will serve as a turning point in terms of carrying the bilateral relations between the countries that enjoy a deep-rooted history to a much higher level.
Mrs Thatcher had the eyes of Caligula according to President Mitterand of France.
Wasn't President Chirac betrayed by one of his closest allies, the prime minister of coexistence under President Mitterand, Edouard Balladur, and his then-ally, the current president, Nicolas Sarkozy, who for a long time paid the price of this betrayal during the Chirac era?
Some of his bound books have been donated to Danish Queen Margareta II, former French President Mitterand, poet Ceslav Milosh and other royalty.
France's President Mitterand suffered from prostate cancer and Lord Owen says: "That he carried on as president is amazing as he was treated with massive amounts of drugs.
Former President Mitterand kept a second family, including a "secret" daughter, when in power, and everything was hushed up until after his death.
Dame Allan's Schools, in Fen-ham, Newcastle, hosted this year's Relais de la Memoire conference with guest of honour Abel Farnoux; one of the organisation's founder members and a former adviser to President Mitterand.
I AM pleased the wife of ex-French President Mitterand has come down on the side of the 'No' vote on the new EU constitution, saying 'the constitution institutionalises another dictatorship'.
Subsequent chapters deal with vocational training of workers, training of technicians, and recent developments in the training of senior technicians, engineers, and managers from the accession of President Mitterand in 1981 onwards.
Reddy was awarded the Legion of Honor by President Mitterand of France in 1984 and the ACM Turing Award in 1994.
Captivated, she went to Paris and quickly learned of Tapie's past: That rare species in France, a self-made man, the dashing Tapie rose from the lower middle class to become a singer, hugely successful venture capitalist, crony of President Mitterand and politician himself, talkshow host, record-setting yachtsman and manager of the Marseilles soccer team that became the first from France to win the European Cup.

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