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also Soe·har·to (so͞o-här′tō) 1921—2008.
Indonesian military and political leader who seized power in 1967 and was elected president in 1968. He resigned under pressure in 1998 following an economic crisis.


(Biography) T. N. J. 1921–2008, Indonesian general and statesman; president (1968–98)


(suˈhɑr toʊ)

Raden, born 1921, president of Indonesia 1968–98.
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Noun1.Suharto - Indonesian statesman who seized power from Sukarno in 1967 (born in 1921)
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Hutomo Mandala Putra, popularly known as Tommy Suharto, son of late former president Suharto.
President Suharto, who died in January 2008, ruled Indonesia with an iron fist for more than three decades, before being ousted on a wave of popular discontent in 1998.
Founder of the National Awakening Party, Wahid was elected Indonesia's fourth president after the fall of the government under former President Suharto.
Permadi said the company, which is controlled by Tommy Suharto, the youngest son of former President Suharto, plans to buy three barges this year.
JAKARTA: Former Indonesian president Suharto, the US Cold War ally who led one of the 20th century's harshest and most corrupt dictatorships over 32 years that saw up to a million political opponents killed, died yesterday.
The labour movement in the Indonesian workplace was looking stronger than ever after the resignation of President Suharto in 1998.
President Suharto complied and invaded the next day.
JAKARTA, June 12 Kyodo - Indonesia's former President Suharto is in ''critical'' condition after collapsing at his home early Tuesday afternoon and being rushed to a hospital, his cardiologist told reporters early Tuesday evening.
Then president Suharto dismissed Sudrajad because he was opposed to such a board, urged by Suharto's US advisor Prof.
The Indonesian government will order state-owned companies to give contributions to poor families and small enterprises in a move to replace a foundation once chaired by former President Suharto, newspapers reported Tuesday.
And former Indonesian President Suharto, whose troops have been blamed for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians, is now under investigation for stealing billions of dollars from the Indonesian treasury during his reign.
Elections under former President Suharto were tightly scripted, with only three parties allowed to take part and a landslide for the ruling Golkar party never in doubt.