Presidential Directive

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Noun1.Presidential Directive - a directive issued by the President of the United States; usually addressed to all heads of departments and agencies
directive - a pronouncement encouraging or banning some activity; "the boss loves to send us directives"
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Federal agencies are not required to adopt Capstone, but they do have to meet the deadline set by the presidential directive, and their plans must be approved by NARA.
In crafting the presidential directive, Lacierda stressed that the administration conducted extensive consultations with mining stakeholders before it finalised the new mining policy.
Presidential directive makes it mandatory for Coal India to provide the minimum supply of coal to power plants.
Regarding presidential directives to release political detainees, Abu Hilaiqah confirmed that President Saleh has given directives to release those political detainees not proven to be involved in any major or criminal crimes, as well as those whom judicial verdicts have found not guilty.
A Presidential directive issued by Bush reinforces the political power of the office of reconstruction at the State Department, with a mission to anticipate state failures and prevent conflict.
President Bush's Homeland Security Presidential Directive tells agencies to have the systems in place by Oct.
In June 1971, the law enforcement conference, "Prevention of Police Killings," resulted in a Presidential directive to increase the FBI's involvement in preventing and investigating officers' deaths.
In June, a presidential directive listed Ahmeti, head of Macedonia's National Liberation Army (NLA), a KLA spin-off, as a terrorist forbidden to travel to the United States.
Abraham Lincoln, who unilaterally waged war for nearly three months by presidential directive, reducing Congress to a reactive, rubber-stamp role.
The most recent presidential directive repeats that threat: We will retain our nuclear arsenal.
The US government will announce a new Presidential directive on all aspects of the government's policies relating to e-commerce, including privacy, consumer protection and the spread of the internet to developing countries, as well as the formal announcement of the new body to oversee the transition of control of the domain name infrastructure to the private sector (see separate story).
decision to take no action in Rwanda, out of fears that the risks outweighed the potential rewards, was expressed in a presidential directive signed by Clinton.

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