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n. pl. prex·ies Slang
A president, especially of a college or university.

[Shortening and alteration of president.]


(ˈprɛk si)

n., pl. prex•ies
Slang. a president, esp. of a college or university.
[1870–75, (by shortening and alter. of president) + -y2]
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Noun1.prexy - the head administrative officer of a college or university
academic administrator - an administrator in a college or university
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With each of Aoun and Frangieh sticking to their conflicting positions on the presidential issue, political leaders will be preoccupied with talks on the elements of a comprehensive settlement, including the premiership and a new electoral law, the sources said.
That was Berri's only comment on the presidential issue, lawmakers who gather weekly with him indicated following the meeting.
Wisely, Zarif distanced Iran from internal Lebanese affairs and stated that local actors ought to assume responsibilities to elect a head-of-state, and while Nasrallah insisted that "those who think that Iran might pressure its allies in the presidential issue are delusional," his call on Christian leaders to reevaluate their stances was pure denial, since it is Hezbollah and the FPM that are blocking the election of a president.
We believe in the principle of consensus for resolving the presidential issue.
The Review has visited the presidential issue once before, when economic historian Jeffrey Hummel (1999) vigorously defended his claim that Martin Van Buren--who failed to win reelection in 1840--was "the greatest American president.
Until the presidential issue is settled next year it's unlikely Barca will make any major additions to their squad.
He was also interested in visiting deputy Saad Hariri who at the time was in Saudi Arabia, and all for the sake of solving the presidential issue and to end the impasse in Lebanon.
We are optimistic about the presidential issue, and reaching a solution doesn't rely only on me, but on many sides .
We first look at the number of presidential issue stances taken by the candidates.
And there are other borrowed issues, like plans to fully fund Head Start and make student loans more affordable (the ancient domain of the Democrats); the sudden emergence of an increased child-care exemption as a major presidential issue (even though Bush's plan unfairly favors the wealthy at the expense of the poor), but only after Democratic leaders made issue; and a plan to allow penalty-free withdrawals from IRAs for first-time homebuyers that was originally proposed four years ago, and called Home Start, by candidate Dukakis.
Asked whether talks with the British ambassador tackled the presidential issue, Azzi said "Britain hopes the Lebanese political parties would not miss an opportunity to elect a new president; but, surely, Britain doesn't nominate the candidates neither we accept another country to do that for us.
Although the presidency is the first and main topic on the dialogue agenda, rival leaders said the talks focused on ways to reactivate the government's work, signaling that the presidential issue is being tackled elsewhere.

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