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7 % increase compared with the 2015 budget", said Director of the Presidential cabinet Ridha Belhaj.
Yet Buhari's administration still lacks a petroleum minister, one of the most powerful members of the presidential cabinet.
The location, now the Roosevelt House, was the spot of the first official discussion about Social Security -- which included President Roosevelt and the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet, New Yorker Frances Perkins, FDR's Secretary of Labor.
We know nothing about the policy aspirations of political parties joining a presidential cabinet in Brazil.
He was a member of the presidential Cabinet until last September.
11 attacks, presidential Cabinet nominee and prison inmate -- has a new incarnation spelled out in a recently published memoir: prison reform crusader.
President Erdoy-an, who is trying to establish a de facto presidential system in the country, has taken the first step towards a presidential cabinet and has made changes in the organizational structure to the presidency with a presidential decree he signed on Tuesday.
Then came a special commission set up by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, but again, no action followed until the leader of the presidential cabinet, Abdelmalek Ouyahia, took the initiative of consulting with the parties over the same issue.
That could lead to potentially tough votes on contentious issues such as raising the debt ceiling, keeping the federal government open, reforming the tax code and confirming potential presidential Cabinet or Supreme Court appointments.
I was sent to Dublin as a personal representative of President Trajkovski and there is a signed document for this in the presidential cabinet," Pendarovski said in an interview with portal "Faktor.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Director of Russian Presidential Cabinet Sergey Ivanov stressed that the Soviet Union did not export sarin-carrying warheads to any party.
com/who-penny-pritzker-billionaire-hotel-heiress-become-richest-cabinet-member-1223859) wealthiest -- if not the wealthiest -- presidential cabinet members in history.

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