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Adj.1.presocratic - before the time of Socrates
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As contrasted with the inquiries of the Presocratics into nature, cpuaiq is mysterious and hidden, commanding investigation but never leaving Artemis behind.
But as a young man, his focus was firmly on Western philosophy, beginning with the Presocratics and continuing through Darwin, Spencer and Freud.
Myth & philosophy: from the Presocratics to Plato.
The Presocratics and the Emergence of Reason, The Catholic University of America Press, Washington, pp.
thesis is entitled Physis and Telos in Presocratic Philosophy (Nature and its Purpose/telos in the Presocratics).
Articles cover ancient philosophy in relation to the analytic tradition, and figures from the Presocratics to the Hellenists, to the late Aristotelian and Platonic commentators and Neoplatonists.
For example, at UMaine, the most commonly debated texts are the Presocratics Reader, Inanna, and the Odyssey, among others.
Naming the form among the Presocratics ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII])", Madrid (Articulo inedito).
Presocratics and Plato; festschrift at Delphi in honor of Charles Kahn; proceedings.
After tracing the GR to the Presocratics, Confucius, Mozi, Aristotle, and Seneca, he fast-forwards to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, particularly Kant's categorical imperative.
This was a great discovery of the Presocratics, the discovery of Nature, as Erwin Schrodinger has called it (Science and the Greeks).
This process is correlative, on the one hand, to the evolution of Heidegger's use of the German idiom 'Wesen,' and to his reappropriation of the Presocratics, on the other.