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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: leak - unauthorized (especially deliberate) disclosure of confidential information
disclosure, revealing, revelation - the speech act of making something evident
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An interior ministry press leak suggested the ministry had issued an alert about a possible attack on military installation, without giving specific information about the target and the timing.
For the benefit of the humourless, this is known as satire, which is why Fitzgerald is known as 'The Flare'' after becoming "incandescent with rage" over a press leak of a 'private'' speech he gave to city businessmen.
A glimpse into the dark corridors of political power, Fair Game is a grown-up action movie based on the autobiography of real-life CIA agent Valerie Plame (Watts) whose career was destroyed and whose marriage was strained to its limits when her cover was blown by a politically-motivated press leak.
The host was talking in an offensive way about the press leak claiming the delay of the 20th Gulf Championship by the Gulf Security Committee.
Officials blame a press leak for the loss of their first choice as word spread and a Qatari club side manoeuvred in with an unbeatable financial package during negotiations to replace Milan Macala.
But when a press leak from ECB offices, hinting that interest rates either would not be cut or cut only a small amount, appeared on the front page of London's Financial Times a week before last January's meeting, contrary to what one would expect, market interest rates actually went down, not up.
An ostentatious press leak recently revealed that the U.
When a mid-October press leak revealed that the Metropolitan Football Stadium District Board of Directors was poised to award naming rights to one of three corporate bidders, Mayor Wellington Webb echoed Hickenlooper's longstanding battle cry that "not everything is for sale.
Forget the awful draws, the anti-Fergie rant and the Press leak which forced the Kuwaitis to walk away in anger, what most sums up this unseemly shambles is the treatment of Robbie Keane.
And this seems to have been vindicated by a Press leak this week, suggesting production of the nation's favourite tangy multi-purpose condiment will continue - but the price will double, as it is relaunched as a "luxury product".
The exhaustive research project cast light on the sensitivities inherent within M&A activity and the destabilizing effect a press leak could have on the deal process -- revealing that while 97 percent of non-leaked deals are classified as friendly* this figure drops to 80 percent where there are instances of identifiable leaks.
Then there is the press leak about a secret military shuttle that the US is not supposed to have as it violates international law.