Press work

6.The work of a press agent.
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They also discussed activating the agreements signed between ONA and TPA, besides other fields related to press work at news agencies.
The meeting has reviewed issues on organization of the press work, role of the press in societies, the role of the legislative authority in supporting the press, the press freedoms and the status of the press internationally.
The minister listened to attendees' views and queries aiming at improving the press work and welcomed any ideas or proposals committed to the firm principles and the media policy of the Kingdom.
com has kept a running tally of newspaper press work moves for the last 11 years and it shows more than 200 shifts of work to affiliated plants or to outsourcing.
com)-- The company's network includes the best professionals in a variety of areas such as short run and long run stamping, laser cutting and punch press work, fine blanking, four slide and other sheet-metal working processes.
For the core market of Turkey, Lyons has partnered with Icon Talent Management, who deal exclusively with all press work and management functions for this region.
He paid tribute to the Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA) hailing its national role as well as efforts to promote the press profession and bolster the ethics of press work.
It also cited hundreds of cases of restricted access to information as well as "still high" interference in press work.
He stressed the need for the Arab press to keep up with the evolution in world journalism, where today's technology has become an essential element in the press work.
The 20 per cent expansion will enable MTD to diversify into a new area of assembly, including spot-welding, and single action press work (up to 125 tonnes).
The council sees all this as against its role and its duty to monitor press work in the country".
The move will mean Ford produces 95% of all press work needed by FTP.