Press work

6.The work of a press agent.
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As for the cooperation with the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in the framework of the development of the press work, the US Embassy is ready to further cooperate to enhance the capabilities of professional and technical journalists.
A feature especially useful for journalists: The Media category contains all of the contacts relevant for press work in the communications departments of the Group and brands.
HRH the Prime Minister expressed appreciation to Ahmed Al-Jarallah for his pioneering role and clear imprints in developing press work in Kuwait.
During the meeting, the two sides discussed means of enhancing cooperation between the two associations and discussed aspects related to enhancing cooperation between them in various fields of press work to serve the media process and exchange visits and training between the two associations.
The meeting dealt with a number of topics pertaining to the press work and ways to enhance and improve its performance at all levels in line with national transformation programs and the Kingdom's Vision 2030, as well as the Kingdom's development in various fields and its distinguished political, economic and humanitarian roles at the international arena.
Kellogg's press produced a short burst of fine press work by briefly sustaining great artists as they transitioned out of the early twentieth-century arts colony model and toward commercial printing.
The meeting has reviewed issues on organization of the press work, role of the press in societies, the role of the legislative authority in supporting the press, the press freedoms and the status of the press internationally.
com has kept a running tally of newspaper press work moves for the last 11 years and it shows more than 200 shifts of work to affiliated plants or to outsourcing.
com)-- The company's network includes the best professionals in a variety of areas such as short run and long run stamping, laser cutting and punch press work, fine blanking, four slide and other sheet-metal working processes.
It also cited hundreds of cases of restricted access to information as well as "still high" interference in press work.
He stressed the need for the Arab press to keep up with the evolution in world journalism, where today's technology has become an essential element in the press work.
The 20% expansion will enable MTD to diversify into a new area of assembly, including spot-welding, and single action press work (up to 125 tonnes), complementing a high speed progressive press shop of up to 200 tonnes.