Pressed brick

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bricks which, before burning, have been subjected to pressure, to free them from the imperfections of shape and texture which are common in molded bricks.
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approximately 6 200 m 2 dismantling pressed brick, Approximately 650 m 2 deconstruction of plain tile, Approximately 6 850 m 2 dismantling roofing felt, Dismantling snow gangs and safety hooks, Dismantling sheet metal cladding of 2 fireplaces and approx.
He held a substantial amount of real estate in Marion, was president of Marion Pressed Brick Company and owned a 1906 Reo Runabout.
The building was dressed with sandstone and pressed brick, with all of the original signage - made from tiles - remaining to this day.
In 1905, with a capital Stock of $50,000, the operation was incorporated as Brampton Pressed Brick Company Ltd.
Constructed at the turn of the 20th century, the red pressed brick facade is punctuated by the original crane hoist which runs the full height of the building.
It was 1891, the year basketball and moving pictures were invented, when Acme Pressed Brick Co.
5 200 m 2 of demolition pressed brick, - about 5 200 m 2 deconstruction battens + counter battens, - approx.