Presser foot

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the part of a sewing machine which rests on the cloth and presses it down upon the table of the machine.

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Align the cut edges of fabric with the edge of the presser foot if it is 1/4" wide.
Sitting by a calming fountain in Kiev, presser foot nearby needle plate of sky, tremendous spooling, smoothing weather just after the bells thread themselves like bobbins of St Sofia rocking the plaza--real rocks of noisy heartstrings and foot pedals bated to a point nearly acquiring voice that manages, amazing improbability, that somehow says a few things in languages all their own.
presser foot, high-contrast/low-glare dial, and a larger grip.
The stepping motor control type of automatic presser foot lifting device.
Make sure all the little parts are there: thread holder, bobbin winder, presser foot, etc.
It employs a specified presser foot (feeler) of a specific diameter/area and combined with a predetermined mass (weight) as noted in the ASTM D 3767 standard.
Fabrics compression behavior is important for establishing the presser foot force as a sewing parameter.
The 9-year-old matched square to square, laying the stitches, pulling out the straight pins, lifting the presser foot and snipping threads.
Place the fabric under the sewing machine's presser foot.
EXTRA HIGH PRESSER FOOT LIFT - This feature raises the presser foot to its highest position so that thick fabrics can be placed easily under the presser foot.
I verified the presser foot was seated correctly and the feed dogs were down.