a.1.Pressing; urgent; also, oppressive; as, pressive taxation.
References in classic literature ?
Every report made things look more and more im- pressive.
A new-comer of any age or either sex was an im- pressive curiosity in the poor little shabby village of St.
That is a very im- pressive sight which you are privileged to witness, Mr.
Tenders are invited for Pvc Tape 20Mm Pressive Sensitive Adhesive Tapes For Electrical Purpose Plasticized Pvc Tapes With Non- Thermosetting Adhesive Type Flame - Retardant, Thickness In Mm - 0-125, Width In Mm - 20, Length Of The Rolling Meters - 10.
The footballing world has almost forgotten Sinclair (below left), since he joined Man City in August 2012 after an im pressive spell at Swansea.
Hardwick's internnal record was as pressive as his eer on the whole.
pressive ver the hardworking Maisfield team after a 5-1 win was secured via the efforts of Paul Devey, JJ Harrison, Lee Anson, Kevin Woods and Mikey Phillips, who chipped in with a stunning 35-yard volley.
Ruan has been pressive, oa has ntastic ephen has d teams Stefan he has good and got the results they deserve," D'Arcy said.
Cusiter gifted Wales an attacking eout and a series of phases and a nathanDavies burst resulted in the pressive Hook putting Cuthbert ough Laidlaw's weak tackle for lfpenny to convert.
The stock pared some losses recently, having risen 6% in last three sessions; however, the share price still remains down 3% YtD and Sberbank shares look poised to perform well, in our view, as fundamentals still remain quite im- pressive.