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A city of northwest England north-northeast of Liverpool. The Jacobites surrendered here after an uprising in 1715.


(Placename) a city in NW England, administrative centre of Lancashire, on the River Ribble: developed as a weaving centre (17th–18th centuries); university (1992). Pop: 184 836 (2001)


(ˈprɛs tən)

a seaport in W Lancashire, in NW England. 132,200.
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Every 20 years since 1542, residents of Preston, England, have celebrated its trades.
The frontman has netted in all of his six visits to Portman Road, be it for Preston, England Under-21s, Portsmouth and now Leicester.
The retired accountant, married for 40 years, is now back in Preston, England.
Bremer reported his team's findings this week at the Royal Astronomical Society's annual National Astronomy Meeting in Preston, England.
She added: "I'm planning on interviewing a lot of women that are friends of my mother in Preston, England but I would also like to hear from people all around the country.
Literal high-light of the Fishergate Shopping Centre in Preston, England is a 4.
With more than 165 local franchises in 41 states, Right at Home will expand into the UK under a Master Franchise Agreement with Ken Deary who will open the initial location in Preston, England.