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A city of northwest England north-northeast of Liverpool. The Jacobites surrendered here after an uprising in 1715.


(Placename) a city in NW England, administrative centre of Lancashire, on the River Ribble: developed as a weaving centre (17th–18th centuries); university (1992). Pop: 184 836 (2001)


(ˈprɛs tən)

a seaport in W Lancashire, in NW England. 132,200.
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White had travelled from his Buckinghamshire home to answer bail in Preston, Lancashire.
The boy, from Preston, Lancashire, reported feeling unwell after completing his first dive of the day onto the wreck of the steamship Mona,just off Puffin Island.
Licensees Edward Moorcroft and his wife Jeanette faced magistrates in Preston, Lancashire, for committal proceedings in the private prosecution brought by Mr Graham Bailey and his wife, Olive, of Aughton, Lancashire.
Green, 34, from London, Edward Guiller, 38, from Greenock, and Thomas Edgar, 20, from Preston, Lancashire, were all jailed for life for the murder.
3m during the year, building a new store in Preston, Lancashire, selling an existing store and building a replacement in Perth, as well as refurbishing its premises in Atherstone, Warwickshire.
Mr Mohammed Karim, aged 52 and wife Bilquis, aged 48, died after being repeatedly stabbed at the family's town centre shop in Preston, Lancashire on Friday.
Fleming, 895 Whittingham Lane, Whittingham, Preston, Lancashire PR3 2AU.
Helen Cummings (33), a nurse from Preston, Lancashire, allegedly fired six shots at her sleeping American husband Tyler with his own revolver on Valentine's Day.
Twins Brian and Alan Simpson, from Preston, Lancashire, walked away with pounds 8,000 on Sunday's programme after passing up the chance to double their money.
Design and testing will be carried out at BAe's site at Warton, near Preston, Lancashire.
His boss, Paul Crabtree, says the freak of nature in the sycamore in Preston, Lancashire, is due to rot.
Sydney Grayston (52) from Redcar Avenue, Ingol, Preston, Lancashire is due to appear before magistrates today.