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A city of northwest England north-northeast of Liverpool. The Jacobites surrendered here after an uprising in 1715.


(Placename) a city in NW England, administrative centre of Lancashire, on the River Ribble: developed as a weaving centre (17th–18th centuries); university (1992). Pop: 184 836 (2001)


(ˈprɛs tən)

a seaport in W Lancashire, in NW England. 132,200.
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The debating prowess of Prestonian Mohammad Taqi Jawad had excellence among students of other universities who took part in the finals of the Urdu Debate Contest.
He is probably the most important Prestonian that has ever lived and we are all deeply saddened at the news of his death.
And even speaking as a Prestonian, I wish Blackpool all the best.
As a Prestonian myself it would be a wonderful honour to have a statue to the characters in my home city.
Crisp was not assuaged by Prestonian "readinesse"; for Crisp, it was the Spirit's office to assure by speaking personally of justification, not to incite the wayfarer to further rounds of "evidentiary" obedience.
Ian McCulloch is aiming to emulate his fellow Prestonian Andrew Flintoff by bowling over the opposition at the pounds 400,000 Grand Prix this week.
Laurents, the older Tribal class destroyers and Prestonian frigates were updated and a flotilla of Bay class minesweepers rounded out the fleet.
The Prestonian has made good, steady improvement in the last 18 months and his
In the interests of declaring an interest, perhaps I should point out here that my Liverpool-born parents had moved to Preston for work reasons by the time they had me - which makes me a Prestonian who later chose to make my parents' place of birth my home.
One floor is given over to an exhibition celebrating Tom Finney (pictured), Prestonian and one of the greatest footballers this country ever produced.