Presumption of law

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(Law) a postulate applied in advance to all cases of a particular class; e. g., the presumption of innocence and of regularity of records. Such a presumption is rebuttable or irrebuttable.
- Burrill.

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The presumption of law, thus is that the appointing authority has discretion in the matter.
There is a general presumption of law that the owner of land adjoining a highway is also owner of the soil of one-half of the highway, that is, up to the middle line.
A presumption of law is a preliminary rule of law which may be made to disappear in the face of rebuttal evidence, but in the absence of such rebuttal evidence, compels a favorable ruling for the party relying thereupon.
that the act was against her will, and that the presumption of law was so strong, as to amount to proof of force" (239).