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(prɛks) (ˈprɛksɪ) ,




(Education) a slang term for a college president
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Bert" Silk as photoed for his new job as prexie of the California Concentrate Division of Canandaigua Wine Co.
I'd been taking prexies every four to six hours for three weeks now, and despite the cigarettes, my cough had disappeared, and my breathing was improved.
Both prexies and prezes are toppers, or to most other English speakers, presidents; "Vivendi Universal officially withdrew its case against former topper Jean-Marie Messier" (28 Jan 2004, p.
30 preem of "The Details": Radius-TWC prexies Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, who couldn't make it to Los Angeles from New York because of Hurricane Sandy.
Langley was wooed to Universal in 2001 by then-chairman Stacey Snider and production prexies Scott Stuber and Mary Parent, also a New Line grad.
Almost all of Fox's major executives--including production prexies Alex Young and Emma Watts, marketing toppers Pare Levine and Tony Sella, most of the distribution staff, Fox 2000 topper Elizabeth Gabler and Fox Searchlight/Fox Atomic prexy Peter Rice--are homegrown and have spent most of their careers at the studio.
By contrast, Fox Filmed Entertainment's Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman share the reins of their entertainment fiefdom equally, with 20th Century Fox production topper Hutch Parker reporting to both of them, as do marketing prexies Pare Levine and Tony Sella and distribution head Bruce Snyder.
Sony Pictures Television programming and production prexies Zach Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht note their studio has four soph laffers returning to network and cable skeds: Fox's "Til Death," CBS' "Rules of Engagement" and "10 Items or Less" and "My Boys" for TBS.