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adj. prick·li·er, prick·li·est
1. Having prickles.
2. Prickling or tingling or smarting: a prickly sensation in my foot.
a. Causing trouble or vexation; thorny: a prickly situation.
b. Bristling or irritable: "In consequence, he became rebarbative, prickly, spiteful" (Robert Craft).

prick′li·ness n.
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Noun1.prickliness - the quality of being covered with prickly thorns or spines
raggedness, roughness - a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven
e-î sem stendur út í loftiî


(ˈprikl) noun
1. a sharp point growing on a plant or animal. A hedgehog is covered with prickles.
2. a feeling of being pricked. a prickle of fear.
ˈprickly adjective
1. covered with prickles. Holly is a prickly plant.
2. pricking; stinging. a prickly rash.
ˈprickliness noun
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Osama Manzar, the director of the Digital Empowerment Foundation, a New Delhi-based NGO, called the government's prickliness "a clear sign that rather than it wanting to learn how to make Aadhaar a tool of empowerment, it actually wants to use it as a coercive tool of disempowerment".
Her hair was black and cut short, not giving the suggestion of soft hair that one yearns to touch but instead called to mind the prickliness of bristles, and although she wasn't tall, the degree of her thinness, much like my mother's, made her appear taller in one's memory of her than when she was standing before you.
When I woke up the next morning, I reached down to stroke my sleek calves and recoiled in horror--my fingers instead encountered a disgusting prickliness.
Johnson and Mary Wilson describe Rhys "as very much a 'both/and' rather than 'either/or' writer," but advise that critics "grapple with the consequences of that both/ and position without smoothing out Rhys's contradictions, her prickliness, her rough edges" (17).
Trying to understand this emotion may help the child let go of the prickliness and explore the genesis of the softer emotion.
Pleasingly, the film's Indigenous characters are not 'issues' but rather fully drawn, complex individuals full of prickliness and self-knowledge.
It's a relief then that (almost) all Steven Berkoff's infamous prickliness seems to melt away at the mention of Cardiff, where he'll be lifting the lid on is long, eclectic career with his tell-all, one-man show next week.
It's a relief then that (almost) all Steven Berkoff's infamous prickliness seems to melt away at the mention of Cardiff, where next week he'll be lifting the lid on his long, eclectic career with a tell-all one-man show.
8220;This will encourage the viewer to 'live' with the artwork and intimately experience the show - and all its holiday prickliness - in a familiar setting,” notes Goldstein.
I quickly forgot the prickliness of my royal blue woollen bathers and joined the little flock of barefoot children moving in time with the music: walking, skipping, trotting and galloping around the big long room.
Perhaps the most provocative article is Julia Miele Rodas's diagnosis of Jane Eyre as a person with autism, based on Jane's much-remarked oddness, social isolation, prickliness, and silence.
Taylor may be 84 this year, but, as Carman notes, "he hasn't lost his prickliness, drive or sardonic sense of humor.