a.1.Without a priest.
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The number of priestless parishes rose from 571 in 1970 to 3,499 in 2016.
The Challenge of Priestless Parishes: Learning from Latin America.
It is understood married deacons could also gain responsibility to tackle the increasing number of priestless parishes.
As an adolescent he may have fallen briefly under the influence of the priestless Old Believers in the Russian North, but, as a mature intellectual he was nevertheless inclined to call the Old Believers "schismatics" and to associate them with rebellion against the crown.
Why not position permanent deacons as leaders of priestless parishes?
While my residence remained in the city, I spent the weekends as a pastor in priestless remote rural areas with a team of catechists and medical personnel.
However, the traditional faiths mentioned by the law do not include religious groups such as the Priestless Old Believers and Calvinist churches, which have historical roots in the country dating to the 17th century.
27) Another group, the bespopovtsy, rejected this solution and remained, as their name suggests, priestless.
Perhaps bishops might be afraid that such a policy would result in more priestless parishes for them, but this would not be the case in the long run, since more non-homosexuals would be attracted to the priesthood, as Colligan points out.
A priestly people in a priestless period must keep the ultimate vision clearly in mind.
One wonders how these hardy people, here seemingly so fearful, were able to venture into the remote priestless areas they did.
I would like to offer a bit of history that could give a little encouragement for the future and hope to face priestless parishes.