Primary salt

(Chem.) a salt derived from a polybasic acid in which only one acid hydrogen atom has been replaced by a base or basic radical.

See also: Primary

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These patients all had other abnormalities that could have resulted in the oedema, notably primary salt retention by failing kidneys (creatinine levels 676 [micro]mol/l, 1 276 [micro]mol/l and 168 [micro]mol/l respectively), cor pulmonale and malignant disease.
Such patients do not have a mechanism for primary salt retention and could be evaluated in relation to oedema formation independently from primary renal salt retention.
The primary salt lick, about 175 m long, was on the north side of the road, and a smaller lick about 70 m long was on the south side.
Once it has been determined that a state will conform to the Federal check-the-box regulations, the primary SALT ramifications need to be addressed.
If, for example, a software service or the server that runs the application fails at the primary Salt Lake center, the software and hardware have been architected and configured to detect a failure and failover to a redundant software service or server running in Los Angeles.
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