Primary union

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(Surg.) union without suppuration; union by the first intention.

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Pre-school at some preschools and primary Union State Lands Levee;
NZNO has not been my primary union for some years, but I have continued with my NZNO subscription in part because I valued receiving Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand every month.
To improve primary union rates and obviate the need for halo immobilization or an atlantoaxial fusion, a technique of direct screw fixation of the odonotid was developed by Nakanishi and colleagues (23) and Bohler (11) independently.
Part 1 concerns primary Union paper ammunition for the muzzleloading muskets from .
Morrison ranks job security as the primary union goal in an industry of rapid technological change and seemingly endless corporate restructuring.
The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA), affiliated with the AFL-CIO, is the primary union for ballet and modern companies that have chosen to adhere to a union base.
Despite close relations with the WA, the UAW's new WPA Welfare Department began to take over negotiations; by 1938, it became WPA workers' primary union bringing them under the union's bureaucracy.