Primus stove

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Noun1.Primus stove - a portable paraffin cooking stovePrimus stove - a portable paraffin cooking stove; used by campers
cooking stove, kitchen range, kitchen stove, stove, range - a kitchen appliance used for cooking food; "dinner was already on the stove"
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At night we'd go back to the van, cook bangers and Smash outside on a primus stove and then play cards with blankets wrapped round our shoulders.
For this, I was issued with a small Primus stove and a three-day store of tins of baked beans and mini-sausages.
They would sit around the primus stove, singing songs and staring up at starry, starry nights, before climbing the sea wall and gazing lovingly at the inspiring vista .
They'd produce last year's textbooks, a primus stove, coffee mugs, typewriters for sale.
He ended up renting an apartment over a garage adjacent to a mosque in Muharraq, and spent the first few days installing modern conveniences - including a shower rigged up from an oil drum and getting used to cooking with a primus stove.
One of the best memories I have of those holidays is my dad crouching over the primus stove frying bacon for breakfast.
He added: "I remember going into Frankie Laine's room to give him some mail and he was frying a steak on a primus stove.
There was no toilet and cooking was done on a paraffin Primus stove.
Then there was the day that would have been bearable if we had wrapped up and invested in a windbreak, plus a Primus stove on which to heat up reviving mugs of tomato soup.
All she had was the open fire in the living room and a primus stove in the 'kitchen'.
Some people might say a real outdoor adventure should include primus stove, sleeping bag and tent.