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Completion of environmental studies (ecological and hydraulic studies) and development of unique environmental license application files (> Water Act and CNPN) as part of the project files making the 2x2 CEAR RN79 for stretches Prisse - Charnay les Macon and Col des Vaux La Chapelle du Mont de France.
Au lendemain de l'independance du Maroc, feu SM Mohammed V ordonna leur retour et la reintegration de Mr Prisse d'Avennes dans ses fonctions de professeur au lycee [beaucoup moins que]les Orangers[beaucoup plus grand que] de Rabat.
Bidet P, Collin E, Basmaci R, Courroux C, Prisse V, Dufour V, et al.
Showing at the Sharjah Art Gallery, the Prisse D'Avennes exhibit, titled "Arab Art in Cairo through the Historic Architectural Monuments," is a series of lithographs printed in the 1860s and 70s; a compendium of Islamic design and decorative arts documenting a specific "way of life" distinct to this part of the world, colored in vivid mustard yellows, royal blues, scarlets and forest greens.
My personal fascination with Prisse d'Avenne's 19th-century publication L'Art Arabe, documenting the diversity of Islamic ornament, was the impetus behind the idea of this exhibition to trace the discovery of authentic Islamic ornament by 19th-century orientalist scholars and artists, and compare them to the decorative elements used in modern architecture of major Gulf cities, such as Dubai.
Entre 1872 et 1876, un architecte francais epris d'art islamique, Prisse d'Avenne, publia en France une encyclopedie de l'art arabe en trois volumes, ce qui permit d'enregistrer les principaux chefs-d'oeuvre de cet art.
This volume presents a selection of drawings from the 3-volume Atlas de l'art egyptien (published serially from 1858-1877) by Prisse d'Avennes.
Reclus consulted with bibliophile Paul Lacroix, (17) literary critic Jules Troubat, (18) and Egyptologists Prisse d'Avesnes (19) and Marchandon de la Faye.
David Roberts, Leon de Laborde, Johann Ludwig Burkhardt, Rudolph Brunnow, Alfred Domaszewski, Victor Buerin, Prisse d'Avennes, William Henry Bartlett and John D.
According to Edouard Prisse, CEO of EUROPAGES, "the Arabic version of our website opens enormous possibilities.