Privileged witnesses

(Law) witnesses who are not obliged to testify as to certain things, as lawyers in relation to their dealings with their clients, and officers of state as to state secrets; also, by statute, clergymen and physicans are placed in the same category, so far as concerns information received by them professionally.
- Wharton.
(Law) See under Privileged.

See also: Privileged, Witness

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And hours later, Ian and his wife, also called Christine, were the privileged witnesses of a wedding that even the happy couple's family back on Teesside didn't know about.
Objective: Meteorites are privileged witnesses of solar system accretion processes and early planetary evolution.
Although the woman's breasts are hidden, we remain (as with Degas' bathers) privileged witnesses of her private toilette.
Ferguson plays a few cheap hands by including disillusioned soldiers and traumatized civilians with informed analysts and such privileged witnesses as Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Ambasador Barbara Bodine and Col.
Yet "it was the wind and the trees that served as privileged witnesses of those young pilgrims who graced our land and our Church last summer.